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Hi, I'm John Lewis

Not this John Lewis, nor this John Lewis, or this John Lewis.

If you are looking to hire a Project Manager check out my CV. While you are here, be sure to take a look at some of the work I have been lucky to be a part of, or my recommendations.

Let's talk. [My contact details are top right]

John is able to generate simple, relevant and unique strategies for moving a team forward towards a business goal.

» Ed Robinson, Manager Professional Services, Intergen

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About me

I've been lucky to experience a huge range of web roles in my career, from start up to corporate, from product to services, from design to development to marketing, employee to founder, and everything in between.

As a project manager, this experience means I understand and care about every stage of a project's development. I'm driven by results and want to work with a team that aspires to be and deliver the best, not just good enough.

I am now looking forward to my next challenge, looking to work for an innovative company with people who are talented at what they do.

I'm currently in the UK on the Tier 1 General Migrant Visa (the former Highly Skilled Migrant Visa).

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My work & experience

The following are some examples of my work that I'm most proud of:

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The Football League

Football League

In September 2011 I joined the Football League team in a client-side role as Technical Project Manager.

The Football League manage the digital rights of 86 football clubs in England & Wales, which includes websites, mobile apps, and video-on-demand product for all 86 clubs, serving many millions of domestic and international users each month.

AFC Wimbledon

I project managed the multi-million pound redevelopment of the entire digital platform and the migration from the incumbent supplier to the new vendor, which included working with the new supplier's off-shore development team.

The role required very strong technical and stakeholder management skills and involved dealing with multiple third parties to deliver an integrated platform.



In May 2011 I joined the OgilvyOne team, working on the Unilever account as a contract project manager.

I project managed the large corporate site,, and many related & localised Unilever country sites.


Paul Smith

In October 2009 I joined theOTHERmedia, an independant digital agency based in London, as a Project Manager.

Paul Smith
My main responsibility was managing the company's single largest client, Paul Smith, a major fashion e-commerce website for the iconic British designer. I managed the transition of the account into an Agile project methodology while working to sustain and support the exponential growth the site is experiencing.

FLi iPhone App

Football League
Another key account I managed was the Football League delivering the extremely successful Official Clubs' iPhone app for 67 of the Football League member clubs. The iPhone app has experienced 250,000 downloads to date and was delivered in two months, becoming the number 1 top grossing App the day it was released to the Apple App Store.



Ponoko is an award winning Wellington & San Francisco-based startup that aims to be your personal online factory. A truly unique idea focusing on distributed manufacturing with a wildly creative community of users.

My primary role at Ponoko was Community Manager which meant I was responsible for setting and encouraging the community oriented focus of Ponoko and serving the needs of our community. I took the community from a handful of early beta testers to over 15,000 users when I left.

I worked closely with Ponoko's CMO to develop and execute Ponoko's online marketing strategies, running a number of successful campaigns. From "getting started" webinars to highly successful email marketing campaigns to facilitating design competitions Ponoko ran.

I was also involved in the design and development of Ponoko during our pre-launch phase and travelled to San Francisco to help launch our service at the TechCrunch 40 Conference. Podcast interview

I was interviewed in 2008 for the Podcast on my role as Community Manager at Ponoko.

Here I talk about aspects of being a community manager as well as the qualities needed for successful community management.

Auckland Web Meetup presentation

I was invited to speak at the Auckland Web Meetup to talk about "Going global from New Zealand" using Ponoko experiences as an example.

Here is a 10 minute excerpt from the presentation:

Introducing Photomake

Ponoko launched another world first service last year called Photomake. It allows you to make real objects from your hand drawn sketches.

I created this video to introduce the Photomake service and to show how it worked. This video was subsequently picked up by popular blogs such as BoingBoing, Make, & TechCrunch, recording ten's of thousands of views.



ActionThis is a unique task management system founded by Intergen. ActionThis combines a web service with an Outlook plugin making it perfect for project managing inside MS Office organisations.

I was involved in ActionThis from its initial concept working on tasks as diverse as UX/IA/process flow, branding, design and front-end development.


I joined Intergen's creative team early in 2005 and worked on a number of projects for both private and public sector clients in New Zealand. Intergen, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is New Zealand's most experienced provider of Microsoft based business solutions.

Working in project teams on design and front end development, I gained much experience working with enterprise-level content management systems .

I was also responsible for managing resource for the creative team. This involved working closely with Intergen's project managers and sales people on proposals and project plans.

With a number of high profile public sector clients, I was responsible for championing the New Zealand Government Web Guidelines throughout the company.

Example project: Department of Conservation

Department of Conservation

The NZ Department of Conservation (DoC) is a great example project.

DoC has an enormous network of assets around New Zealand and subsequently their website has thousands of pages of content managed from over a dozen different offices and contributors.

We worked to make the information both easier to find for users and easier for DoC to maintain and apply consistent standards to while adhering to the New Zealand Government Web Guidelines.

Web 2.0 presentation slides

In early 2007 I was tasked with creating an introductory presentation to 'Web 2.0' concepts. I presented these slides at a number of Intergen sponsored conferences and for a number of our clients.

Subsequently uploaded to SlideShare, this deck has become one of the most popular sets with over 100,000 views and currently ranked #63 on SlideShare.


While studying at the University of Otago I started iVISION, a web consultancy focused on helping small businesses grow using the internet. I managed customers through whole project life-cycle and with a small team we achieved sustained year on year growth of 40% for 3 years.

After graduating I worked on iVISION until 2005 when it was sold.


EVSL was formed as a spin-off of a successful iVISION project where the company ran the first successful attempt at online tertiary students' association elections in New Zealand.

EVSL has helped student associations achieve greater voter turnout with significantly reduced administrative overheads.

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John is the hardest working person I've ever met. Coupled with his superior knowledge of the online environment and an ever-present positivity, it makes John the sort of person you always want to have on your team.

» Philip Drury, Interactive Designer, Intergen

In the two years that he worked for us John was critical in establishing the community oriented tone of our company. John has an intrinsic feel for how a community interacts with a service and a very sharp customer service focus. It was an pleasure having John as a member of Ponoko.

» David ten Have, CEO and Founder, Ponoko

John has been an employee of Intergen for more than 2 years. In the last six months I have had the pleasure of working closely with him - like everyone at Intergen I'm sad he is leaving, and wish to endorse John for any position he takes on in the future.

John has a natural ability to step back and recognize themes in business - this is an incredibly important skill for anyone involved in marketing and web design. In meetings, John will pick up nuances that other people miss and synergize these with other events and apply them towards the goals we are targeting. He is able to generate simple, relevant and unique strategies for moving a team forward towards a business goal. He is very effective at solving problems.

John is hard working, focused and popular amongst hi co-workers. One trait which I admire is his ability to preserve confidentiality - many marketing and design professionals talk far too much about team politics and assignments. John knows how to keep information confidential - I know I can trust him to work on sensitive assignments, and I believe this ability together with his other skills and potential position him well for a position in management as he moves forward in his career.

» Ed Robinson, Manager Professional Services, Intergen

I have known John since the 1990's. John is not only highly proficient at his job but a very ethical and honest person.

» Elliot Strange, Managing Director, Signify

John uniquely manages to meld strengths in design, team management, and business savvy to offer an invaluable perspective on every project. Furthermore, I highly value and respect his objectivity when approaching new opportunities.

» Trey Guinn, Infrastructure Consultant, Intergen

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Curriculum Vitae

Grab a copy of my CV here.